Kilmeston Village Hall
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Kilmeston Village Hall operates entirely on a self-help basis and is run by volunteers. We do not have a regular paid cleaner - the Hall is cleaned by its users and the volunteers.


Please resist the temptation to use "Bluetack" or similar on the walls - it takes the paint off. Drawing pins can be used on the dado rails and seem to be less of a problem.


After using the hall will you please ensure the following:


All the heaters have been set to the "frost stat" setting and the water heater, cooker and all other electrical equipment is switched off.


Please note that, if you leave electrical services on, you will be charged a penalty fee.


The entrance hall, rug, hall floor, kitchen and loos have been vacuumed.
The kitchen and loo floors have been mopped out if you have used them.
The loos and washbasins have been cleaned if you have used them.
All the china and cutlery you have used has been washed, dried and put away
The bins are empty in the loos and kitchen and any rubbish has been placed in the dustbin.
There are no bottles or cans placed in the dustbin. Please take them with you - the bin-men refuse to accept them.
In the kitchen, the fridge compartment and dishwasher door have been left open to prevent mould.


There are cleaning materials under the sink and the vacuum cleaner, mops and brushes live in the back porch - the key hangs to the left of the door.


We hope that you enjoy using our hall - your custom helps to keep it viable as a resource to the community.


Volunteers are always needed for the Committee and the bar rota.